80 Amp Custom Build Race Unit

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Included in Kit:

80 amp electric motor unit
Mounting hardware
Prewired control module
Race cooling fans


Average install time of 10 hours
Steering wheel not included
Requires some cutting
Column not included
Number of fans varies per application


This custom application will require the following information in order to begin processing the request:

Is the vehicle OEM from steering wheel to steering box?

• On OEM columns we will need to know the steering tube OD and steering shaft size/style (DD? Round? Splined? Hollow?).

• If equipped with an aftermarket column we will need to know the steering tube OD and shaft size (DD? Round? Splined? Hollow?).

• If the vehicle has a stock steering box, we will need to know what the box out put is (DD? Round? Splined? Hollow?).

Are you adapting to a steering rack?

You will be responsible for the shaft from the rack to the firewall. 3/4''DD shaft is preferred but not required, we will try to adapt to the shaft size. We will need to know this measurement to supply the proper ujoint.

Need an aftermarket column?

We can provide 32'' universal IDIDIT tilt column, you will need to cut and modify at your own discretion.


Basic Install ManualWiring Diagram

We do not have step by step guide available for this vehicle, please view our custom build guide for general installation information.

The installation of this system should be done by a professional mechanic or a very knowledgeable amateur.