Wiborg Engineering King of Mantorp 2020

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Wiborg Engineering King of Mantorp 2020

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"The onboard from the miracle victory shootout lap int the King of Mantorp 2020 event.

The hottest event we have ever driven in Sweden with temperatures of well above 30 degrees saw our cooling issues cause severe/terminal damage to our engine already during the Thursday test day. By the time of the shootout final on Friday the engine was so badly damaged we were discussing if should even attempt to go out in the final at all. The issue was that when we overheated the engine during early Thursday running we had caused the exhaust valves to get so incredible hot that they started to bend out of shape and stick and this in return caused the overheating issues to become even worse when exhaust gases leaked back into the cylinder head causing even greater heat in the exhaust ports, in the end the cylinder head got so hot that the aluminium actually started melting in the exhaust ports and valve guides and the entire head started to crack (pictures will come tomorrow).

All in all by the time we reached the final we made a leakdown test and it read dead 0% on all cylinder, the cylinder pressure was actually so bad we couldn't even get the engine cranked with the starter due to the huge leakage we had close to 0 compression (actually 0 on some cylinders) while on the starter so we had to push start the car. The boost pressure buildup was absolutely terrible and required many seconds and high revs to give some kind of boost levels, the engine itself must have in best case made barely 600hp at the highest revs.

So going out in the shootout final we knew we needed to do a sub 1:13:00 to win the event and defend our title and with our tintop record from 2019 standing at 1:11:8 this was a huge task to pull of. So Fredrik just gave it absolutely everything he had to try and gain enough time in the corners and braking zones to compensate for the lack of boost buildup and power.

Then coming out of the second last corner absolute disaster struck as the situation in the cylinder head got so bad that cylinder 3 actually dropped and stopped firing. So we had to do the last 2 straights on only 3 cylinders while the car was spitting flames and sounding like a machine gun crawling up to the finish line. The time? It stopped at an amazing 1:12:11 only 0.3 sec of our tintop track record and such being the fastest car (except our self) to ever do a lap at Mantorp and thus wining the biggest event of the year for the 3rd time in 3 attempts.

So sit back and enjoy an absolute monster of a lap as we show why we are the absolute number one time-attack car in Europe!

Huge shootout to Mikael, Lucas and Marcus for working 24/7 in the heat at Mantorp keeping the car alive and ofocurse all our sponsors and families supporting us Yokohama Tire Würth Svenska AB Garrett - Advancing Motion Turboracing.fi Turbosmart Drenth Motorsport Gearboxes Bullet Race Engineering WOSP - WOSPerformance KONIG WHEELS USA Street Performance Do88 AB Speeding - Performance parts Ross Sport Ltd Sandåsen Motorsport LITE BLOX batteries VP Racing Fuels Goedu Arbetskläder & Tvättservice Oljemagasinet.se Nuke Performance DJ Racecars RSX Racing Solutions EPAS Performance"

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