Matt Evangelou

Myjohn name is Matt Evangelou. You had so kindly worked with my mechanic, Stephen Davis, in assisting him with technical support to install the EPAS Performance Power Steering conversion kit to my 1966 Shelby GT350 Clone. While there were some bumps in the road with the installation, in the end, I got a chance to drive the car and the steering was fantastic!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the help and support you gave us throughout the process. In my experience, things don’t always go right, however you learn a lot about a company (and a person) when things don’t go as planned. You and your company handled the situation with the utmost professionalism and confidence we certainly appreciate all that you have done to help us.

I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the product and service and hope you will have continued success in the future. I would be proud to recommend your products and service to anyone interested in a similar conversion for their classic car.

Back Bay Customs

Chris Allen

"Installation of the EPAS unit was straight forward, even with our custom steering configuration. Our biggest reason for the move to the EPAS system was due to consistent failure of the stock Ford hydraulic power steering pump. Drifting obviously involves pushing the rack from one extreme to the other and we were replacing the pump once per year. Moving to the electric power assist steering meant we could drop weight by switching to a manual rack and ditching the additional pumps and reservoirs required to support that configuration.

Not only did we drop weight, but we've picked up adjust-ability with steering feel and responsiveness not found on the stock car. Flicking the steering and car from side to side even with additional wheel travel from our custom knuckles and a-arms is easier and quicker than before. We've been running this for a season with zero issues and multiple benefits. Steering feedback has been better than stock; I would highly recommend the EPAS unit to anyone interested in reducing failures, eliminating weight and increasing performance."

Craig Borden

"I can’t say enough good things about the customer service. I was very happy with the product but the service makes me want to buy from you again!"

Jason Anthony

"I finished the install last weekend and raced the car this past Saturday. The EPAS is pretty nice so far."


Richard Lipsky’s MORGAN

"It works driving around the street and turning the wheel sitting still is easy, not at all typical for a MORGAN. I am going auto crossing Sunday"

Rod's 67 Mustang

"We completed the installation of the electric power steering unit on my 67 Mustang and everything is working great!  Now the car is actually a joy instead of a fight to park in the garage. I truly appreciate that you called to check on the product."

Jimmy's "New" Mustang

"Installed and working flawlessly.  Went to a cruse-in last night and demonstrated the EPAS to several people and they were very impressed." Jimmy added "Thanks for all of your help, I couldn't have done it without your help, advice and patience.  Never have I had a vendor call me and ask how my install was going or if I needed help.  You did this several times and were always there when I called you with a great attitude and great advice.  I feel like you are a real friend and I will work hard to get you some more business for this excellent system."

John Keoghs 1957 Belair from the Classic Chronicle

John S from Tube Chassis Designz

"We finally got the Packard on the ground and I took it for a ride, I can't get over how well the steering works! Without the car rolling I can spin the wheel with 1 finger, shut the key off and it requires wrestling. In this business most of the products are JUNK like the Unisteer electric steering. I called you and asked about yours, you sent me detailed information that was ALL accurate, installed it and it's flawless, what more can I ask for. I can pretty much guarantee you I will not be your #1 customer but every time I need one of these units it will come from you. Thanks for a great product and honest/accurate information."

Jason from Alabama 

"Glad to say, my mustang is now back on the road. My wife drove it into work this morning and was very happy to be able to drive it again."

R U faster than a Redneck, Ross McCombs 

"We have had an issue with our power steering set up since we built the car.  Putting the Cobra engine in the 66 Mustang with the large power rack would always cavitate at low speeds and be difficult to predict what it would do. The pump on the Cobra engine simply would not keep up with the requirements of the racing power rack and the 275 front tires at low speed.

After installing the EPAS electric steering system this issue is gone.  In addition, it has removed some weight from the front of the car, cleaned up the front of the engine compartment be eliminating the pump, hoses, and reservoir.

We probably also picked up some horsepower and well as removing the heat from the power steering from the engine compartment.  I am able to increase the resistance of the electric steering for the large tracks and decrease it for the small tracks.  We also run some huge caster in the car which made the car steer hard in tight turns.  With the EPAS system the steering is consistent from lock to lock.

We have raced this system all summer with no issues.  I would never again build a car without one."

Corey Stout

"Geoff we want to tell you how much we like our Electric Power Steering unit. We believe it's given us a better feel of what our steering is doing mechanically, but also a better feel of the track. We also feel improves horsepower from eliminating the hydraulic pump, which is a big plus in a limited horsepower class. Not only are we getting advantages on the track but it carries over in the stop during set-up with being able to better see how the car reacts to different caster and camber settings, along with being able to turn the wheels with ease. NICE JOB!" Corey Stout

Article about our EPAS kit in August 2013 issue of Undercar Digest magazine

 1941 Buick by Assistant Professor Tim Janello at Southern Illinois University

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