GPS Auto Adjust Control Module

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Say goodbye to manual tweaks and hello to effortless accuracy!

This new EPAS Performance GPS Automatic Adjustment controller will be used as an upgrade option to replace the adjustable potentiometer our electric power steering systems currently come equipped with. There is no need for an adjustment knob on this new controller as the GPS antenna modifies the level of steering assistance according to your vehicle's speed.

The user will experience the maximum level of steering assistance while their vehicle is at rest, and the minimum level of steering assistance at high speeds. If for any reason the GPS loses its satellite connection, for example driving through a parking garage or tunnel, the system will keep the last known speed of the vehicle until the signal has been restored.

Installing the GPS antenna on your windshield will provide the quickest signal connection, while installing it under the dash will only take the system a few seconds more to get an accurate GPS signal. 

You can add this GPS controller to any Electric Power Steering kit for an additional $250 directly from the product page online, or by phone 941-893-5427.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing EPAS system with this controller, you may purchase a new complete GPS-integrated module for $1,075 by phone only at 941-893-5427.