1968-'72 F/X Body

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Included in Kit:

60 amp electric motor unit
Mounting hardware
Prewired control module

System can be Adapted to a rack or steering box:

  • For Steering Rack equipped vehicles please contact EPAS Performance before placing your order as we will need additional information to complete your order. We will need to know what size shaft  was used to get from the rack to the firewall in order to attempt to adapt to it.
  • The kit does not come with additional linkages to reach the rack; these must be purchased separately.


Features a low 9 amp draw
Average install time of 10 hours
Requires some cutting
Steering wheel not included
Column not included

Kit Applications:

1969 Camaro
1969-'74 Nova


How it works:

The computer measures the amount of effort on the steering wheel and amplifies it with the aid of the electric motor. A potentiometer gives you control over the amount of assistance provided, allowing you to fine tune your EPAS experience. For example, you can have maximum power assist while on a parking lot, and less on the highway. The system is only active while turning.


Install Manual Install Video

The installation of this system should be done by a professional mechanic or a very knowledgeable amateur.