Bearing Plate

When installing the firewall plate be sure the three bolts holding the bearing in place are loose to allow the bearing to pivot to the required angle (mounting plates may have to be pried apart to allow bearing movement). Make sure to tighten all bolts once all parts are aligned.

No click / No assist

If the system is not emitting a click sound when powered on, closely examine the wires of the potentiometer to insure they are undamaged. If the wires themselves are undamaged check the potentiometer circuit board itself to insure the wire connection points (Claws) are properly connected to the board. If the board is broken or has a crack, it will need to be replaced. 

Click / Double click

If the system is emitting a rapid "click, click" sound when powered on instead of a single click, closely examine the wires of the 4 way connector on the torque sensor on the motor to insure they are undamaged. Lightly pull each wire in the plug connector to insure that each is firmly secured. If the double click sound persists repeat this process on the same wires where they exit the EPAS motor. If you find that one of the wires is loose, unclip the pull down tap on the Delco weather pack plug to access the wires. Closely inspect each wire to see which one was damaged. 

Staking Column

If the system seems to "flex" or "move" while the column is attached to the motor and installed into the vehicle, it may need to be "staked". To begin the column and motor assembly will first need to clocked to the correct position for the make and model you are installing the system on (noted in the install manual) and mark the column. Drill a hole through the column tube and through the aluminum collar (attached to the motor) tapping the motor housing. ("Tapping" the motor housing is making a dent in the housing to ensure the bolt being used will rest in the dent) Stake the column in place using ¼-20 bolt to "sandwich" all three together. Insure the length is no more than 10mm, if too long it can hang up. You can drill through the motor housing for additional security (BE SURE NOT TO DRILL OR TAP INTO THE MOTOR SHAFT).


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