Steering Box Exchange

Part #:

1803 68

Ratio Options:

4 Turn / 16:1
5 Turn / 19:1 - Exchange

Avaliable for:

1964½-’66 Mustang
1967 Early Version Mustang
1967 Late Version Mustang
1968-’70 Mustang

The EPAS Performance Steering  box Exchange Program is for customers whose steering box is excessively worn. For a 5 turn steering box we provide the option of sending us your existing steering box which we will replace with a refurbished one. Please contact one of our representatives to work out the details for your order.

General Pricing Details:

5 Turn
+$100 core charge (to be refunded upon receiving your old steering box)
Click here for more information.

4 Turn
No exchange available


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